Butter Pecan Candy Flavoring


A southern favorite. Tasty pecans drizzled with rich butter.

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Butter PecanĀ Candy Flavoring

A southern favorite. Tasty pecans drizzled with rich butter.

Our candy flavoring products are made from the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, and manufactured right here in the USA by our certified flavor chemists. Our flavoring works for a variety of applications including nearly any kind of candy making, chocolate making, coffee roasting, soft drinks, and can even be used for making e-liquid. Our flavors are much more potent than your average grocery store extract. Many recipes require as little as 1% for effective flavoring. Our flavoring also stands up extremely well to high heat applications, like those found in a lot of candy making.


Should I buy Water-Based, or Oil-Based flavoring? We offer the majority of our flavors in both oil-based and water-based(PG) varieties. Which kind you need depends on the application. We recommend our water-based(PG) formulas for most customers. Water-based flavoring is far more versatile than oil-based, and is what you will want to use for most hard candies, rock candies, taffies, and any recipes that do not contain oil. Water-based is also what you would want if you are planning to make e-liquid with our flavoring. Oil-based flavors are required for recipes with mostly oil or fats, rather than water. This would include chocolate and fudge making. Coffee bean roasters may use either type of flavoring. If you are unsure of which to purchase, you may contact us and let us know what your application is, and we can let you know which type to buy.

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