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Candy Flavoring


Candy Flavoring


Here are some example uses for Candy Flavoring: 

Candy Flavoring Oil in Making Medicinal Candy or Syrups

Lemon Drops Candy Flavoring or honey Candy Flavoring for making cough drops.  In that respect menthol Candy Flavoring is also useful.  Sassafras and ginger Candy Flavoring oils are also used to make medicinal candies.  For making Syrups you most likely need a water based flavor because a syrup is water based.  Even honey is water based, so if you are making medicinal syrups with honey – you would be wise to select a water based flavor.

Candy Flavoring oil in Baking

Candy Flavoring oil can make a lemon pound cake taste more lemon and a banana nut cake taste more banana nut.  In milk shakes it makes the “cherry” more “cherry.” 


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