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How to Make Candy Flavor Oils

Many folks ask How to just make candy flavor oils? If you are in a pinch and need candy flavored oils fast and locally you can actually use essential oils for a limited amount of flavors.

Most all natural health food sections of stores stores offer one ounce or larger sizes of mint essential oils, such as wintergreen or spearmint, (together both make the flavor of double mint) or the citrus family orange, tangerine, lime or the spice family such as allspice, or cinnamon.

Often most candy flavor oils are based from essential oils when possible and this is what a flavorist will depend on for any spice, mints, or citrus when making potent candy flavored oils. This is why candy flavor tends to be very concentrated. Naturally, pineapple or passion fruit candy flavor oils are not going to come in an essential oil because they do not exist that way. These must be synthetics. So when seeking a wider selection of concentrated candy flavors for your formula or recipe, you would want to find a candy flavor oil company on the net.

When using an essential oil make sure it is not cut with anything that would prevent it from being food worthy. It needs to be a pure essential oil. Often essential oils locally are not regulated and can be cut with just plain old oil. This is why even our flavorists who develop flavor profiles do not buy essential oils locally.

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