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Where to Buy Candy Flavor Oils?

Candy Flavor Oils

Where to Buy Candy Flavor Oils?

Many people ask where to buy candy flavor oils or where to buy candy flavored oils. They search “Where can I buy candy flavor oils” This post will tell you where to buy candy flavor oils locally as well as on the Internet.

You can get a limited amount of candy flavor oils in a cake decorating sections of most large markets. Typically the candy flavor oils are limited to chocolate candy flavor oil, butter rum candy flavor oil, strawberry candy flavor oil and a few other popular top ten candy flavor oils. Candy flavored oils bought this way are very expensive typically costing five dollars for a few mils, or a teaspoon at best. The Internet is the best place to buy candy flavored oils because there is much more competition. Because of this candy flavor is cheaper by far and a much wider selection when shopping the net. The top three web sites to buy candy flavor oils for the best price is, and

How to make candy flavor oils? Many people ask how to just make candy flavor oils! If you are in a pinch and need candy flavor oils fast and locally you can actually use essential oils for a limited amount of flavors. Most natural health food stores sell one ounce or larger sizes of peppermint essential oil, spearmint, tangerine, or say cinnamon. Often most candy flavor oils are based from essential oils when possible and this is what a flavorist will depend on for any mints or citrus candy flavor oils. This is why candy flavor tends to be very potent. Naturally, strawberry or blueberry candy flavor oils are not going to come in an essential oil because they do not exist that way. So when seeking a wider selection of concentrated flavor for your recipe, you would want to find a candy flavor oil company on the net. When using an essential oil make sure it is not cut with anything that would prevent it from being food worthy. It needs to be a pure essential oil.

If you are buying candy flavored oils to make chocolate you need to make sure they are in a true oil base. Essential oils will work for this! You really need to search for chocolate flavor oils because you must have a true oil base. Just because candy flavor oils have the word oil in them – this does not mean they will work in an all fat recipe. If you need a certain one, ask the seller if they are water based or true oil based. Candy recipes requiring sugar can take either form of candy flavor oil because the sugar gets so hot. So either water based or oil based will work just the same when buying candy flavor oil to use in a candy making recipe. I hope this helps.

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