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Hard Candy Flavor Oils

Hard candy flavor oils are the same thing as candy flavor oils. All of the flavor is designed to survive high heats and make the candy still offer dynamite flavor. Hard candy flavor oils are very concentrated flavor used to make great candy. So search for candy flavor oil or check us out!

Hard candy flavor or “candy flavor oil” can make all kinds of treats. Some people even buy candy flavor to flavor toothpicks. Hard tack candy is also in the same hard candy family. Candy flavor oils are so concentrated you usually only need under one percent of your total formula or hard candy recipe. This means if your hard candy recipe calls for one hundred ounces of sugar as the total recipe, you would need no more than one ounce of candy flavor. Probably half an ounce of candy flavor to one hundred ounces of sugar would be more than sufficient.

Always test your candy recipe in small batches to get a feel for your flavor strength because it can vary. This means peppermint is very strong and vanilla can be very faint. So, when flavoring hard candy you really want control over your flavor and its strength. You may need less peppermint, for example and more vanilla when making a vanilla creme type flavor. In case you did not know it, any “creme” type flavor usually means 20% of the flavor is vanilla which makes the “creme” note.